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The Summer Solstice takes place on June 21, 2018 and seems to combine with a strong Saturn Retrograde. The Solstice generally signals new beginnings or deeper understanding while the Saturn Retrograde seem to seek truth.

Mercury Retrograde December 2016

Happy Holidays and Merry Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury retrograde starts December 19, 2016 in Capricorn and backs up into Sagittarius by January 8, 2017.

This retrograde could make the holiday season much more interesting.  Travel delays, miscommunication, misunderstandings, equipment breakdowns, scheduling problems, relationship drama because of communication issues, lost items (track your gifts), and generally being out of sync might just make this holiday season a little more challenging that usual.

Empaths - Experience Another Person's Feelings - Part 2

An Empath has the ability to experience another person's feelings.  It is important to avoid confusing empathy with emotional contagion, sympathy, or telepathy.  When you feel sympathy, you wish for a person to feel better.  Emotional contagion is usually when you feel intense emotions similar to what you may experience at a Rock Concert.  Telepathy is the ability to know how someone may feel because the other person's mind is being read.  There is a subtle difference between knowing and feeling.

Scary Tarot - The Hanged Man

People often get tarot card readings.  One of the more disconcerting tarot cards to get in a spread to those not in the know is The Hanged Man.  Holy smokes.  There he is hanging from the gallows.  This cannot be good.

Stop and take a closer look  at this particular tarot card.  The man is indeed hanging.  However, the rope is attached to his ankle - hardly a death sentence.  The man does not even look uncomfortable.

So, what does this card mean?  Simply, it suggests that some things in your life are not compatible.  You may have been left hanging - so to speak. 

Twin Flame Soul Mates

What is a twin flame soulmate?  A commonly held explanation is that when your soul was formed, it was complete.  This "soul" was then split into two more completely and wholly different entities.  Greek mythology mentions that humans originally had four legs, four arms and one head that presented two faces. Humans were also considered to be three genders: men (sun), women (earth), and other (moon).  According to the story, humans possessed great strength and threatened the Gods.  In order to get rid of this threat Zeus supposedly split humans in half resulting in Twin Flames.  

5 ways to avoid holiday relationship drama

It may not be easy to avoid holiday stress.  Do not allow the excitement and your busy schedule to cause difficulties during the holidays.  Five easy steps that should help follow:

The Right Relationship

Are you in the right relationship? That tingly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is just great. However, there are also concrete ways to tell if your relationship is right for you. Ask yourself the following questions in order to help decide if your love relationship is on the right track.

Do you miss your partner when they are not with you? If you never think of them when they are gone, it may be a sign that you are not that emotionally invested in them.

Dreams - What do they mean?

People dream.  Personally, I enjoy dreams. Occasionally, I get a very vivid colorful dream.  That type of dream is usually intense.  My regular dreams are generally exciting and entertaining.  Years ago I used to dream of flying.  I enjoyed that dream.  I effortlessly soared over the trees.  When faced with a problem, I suddenly was blessed with the ability to fly.  Very cool.  When I looked up what this meant, the meaning made sense.  The book I referred to indicated that flying signifies a sense of freedom from restriction.  Pretty obvious.  Nice way to rise above it all.

Aromatherapy for Love and Relaxation

According to several sources, aromatherapy is when natural oils are used to help with emotional and/or physical well-being.  These oils can be used by either inhaling the scent or by massage oils.  

Real.....or, Really?

Real or really simply means:  Is your perception of reality close to what may or may not happen or be taking place?