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Scary Tarot - The Hanged Man

People often get tarot card readings.  One of the more disconcerting tarot cards to get in a spread to those not in the know is The Hanged Man.  Holy smokes.  There he is hanging from the gallows.  This cannot be good.

Stop and take a closer look  at this particular tarot card.  The man is indeed hanging.  However, the rope is attached to his ankle - hardly a death sentence.  The man does not even look uncomfortable.

So, what does this card mean?  Simply, it suggests that some things in your life are not compatible.  You may have been left hanging - so to speak. 

This may be a great card to get because it lets you know that you need to take a look at your circumstances, and make a decision.  For example, you may have to give up some freedom in order to achieve security or vice versa.  

The Hanged Man also may suggest that if you are waiting for resolution, trying to get something going, or waiting to hear about something; you may have to wait awhile longer. 

A reaction of impatience regarding a situation where The Hanged Man card appears in a spread may cause you to make useless sacrifices or waiting indefinitely for something that may never happen.  The Hanged Man suggests that you should be careful in what you choose.

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The Hanged Man is not so scary.  Enjoy your tarot card reading.

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