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Tarot Card Series: The Threes of the Minor Arcana


The Threes of each suit of the Minor Arcana are all about growth and creating - good or bad. Depending on the suit, will determine if the growth is personal, business, mental or travel.

Tarot Card Spreads

There are numerous Tarot card spreads that can be used by a Tarot card reader for an accurate reading. Generally speaking, an excellent Tarot card reader will have a few different spreads to choose from based on the type of question (or not having a specific question) from the client. Having a spread with more cards doesn’t necessarily give more information. An accurate Tarot card reader will be able to choose which type of spread will work best for the client’s situation. 

2018 Forecast readings - It's a great time to call a psychic

Around the New Year, your birthday and any new moon is a good time to get a forecasting psychic reading. A forecasting reading can help you plan your year or month to benefit you and your goals. 

Getting predictions for 2018 is a fun way to start the new year. You will be able to focus on your goals and really feel comfortable moving forward. Any time there is a new beginning, it is time for a forecasting reading. 

Questions for a Tarot Card reader

It is not required to ask a question during a Tarot card reading, but if you have a specific area that you want to focus on we do encourage you to ask. We tell the clients to be nonspecific with information they give to a reader. We also encourage open-ended questions - questions that require more than a yes or no answer. Yes and no answers are not good for a psychic reading because they do not allow for a good explanation of the entire situation. It is always a personal preference as to whether or not to ask a question in a reading.

Scary Tarot - The Hanged Man

People often get tarot card readings.  One of the more disconcerting tarot cards to get in a spread to those not in the know is The Hanged Man.  Holy smokes.  There he is hanging from the gallows.  This cannot be good.

Stop and take a closer look  at this particular tarot card.  The man is indeed hanging.  However, the rope is attached to his ankle - hardly a death sentence.  The man does not even look uncomfortable.

Tarot Card Reader or Clairvoyant Psychic?

We get asked by our clients all the time about which type of psychic reader is the most accurate. Everyone who calls wants accuracy and help for their individual situation. And, we think that it a reasonable request because we are a psychic line that looks to give the most accurate psychic readings. In short, how a psychic picks up on a client has little to do with how they do the psychic reading. We find that psychics who use Tarot Cards are just as accurate as psychics who are clairvoyant psychics or psychic mediums.

Should I choose a strictly clairvoyant psychic or a tarot card psychic?

When you call our psychic line, we go over different types of psychic readers and their specialties. It can be a little tough to determine which type of psychic you should choose, but we do have some very basic guidelines on helping a client choose an accurate psychic reader. We love to play psychic matchmakers. It is fun to put clients and readers together based on their energy. Helping our clients choose is so important to the success of the readings.