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Questions for a Tarot Card reader

Questions for a Tarot Card reader

It is not required to ask a question during a Tarot card reading, but if you have a specific area that you want to focus on we do encourage you to ask. We tell the clients to be nonspecific with information they give to a reader. We also encourage open-ended questions - questions that require more than a yes or no answer. Yes and no answers are not good for a psychic reading because they do not allow for a good explanation of the entire situation. It is always a personal preference as to whether or not to ask a question in a reading. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question or to look into a specific situation, it helps to ask a question so the reader can focus on that specific situation. If you do not want to ask a question or have a specific area of focus, the reader will go into the reading as a general reading and may focus on a number of issues that come up through their energy, from spirit or from the Tarot cards. Most people who call a psychic are looking for a specific issue AND want the information in the shortest amount of time.  Asking a question can help you get the best reading and the most reading in the time you booked. 

We usually suggest a 15 or 20 minute reading for 1-2 questions. If your issue is larger or you need more detail, we do suggest more time. It always depends on the client's comfort level on how long the reading will be. Our top goal is to have happy clients, readers and accurate psychic readings. 

Is he thinking of me?
Why did he say that?
When will I get married? 
When will I meet the one?
Is my soulmate out there?
What does my soulmate look like?
When will I meet my soulmate?
Is he my twin flame?
Do you see money in my future? 
When will I be happy?
Should I take up a new hobby?
What do you see for me in the next three months?
Do you see anything coming up in the next year?
Can you do a forecasting reading for the next year? 
Can you do a long term forecasting reading?
It is the new year, what will 2018 bring?
I need help making a decision. Which should I choose?

These questions can be asked of a clairvoyant reader or a psychic medium reader. The different types of readers will focus on different aspects and even different parts of a situation. What the readers pick up is up to them and their gift. Different readers and different types of readers will help you with different aspects of a situation. Different types of psychic readers have different perspectives. It is very important to learn about the types of readers before getting a reading so you know what type of reading you need.