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Tarot Card Series: The Threes of the Minor Arcana


The Threes of each suit of the Minor Arcana are all about growth and creating - good or bad. Depending on the suit, will determine if the growth is personal, business, mental or travel.

The Three of Cups upright is a very positive card. It is about celebration - fun times with family and friends. It is a time for indulgence. You are helping your friend and your friends are helping you. This card signifies a social period with support from loved ones. It can signal the end of problems. If the Three of Cups is in the reversed position it may not be so positive. The group of friends that you are around may not be the best for you. It may signify a cheating partner or a third person flirting with your partner. It can signify an emotional betrayal. Whether it is in the past, present or future depends on where it shows up in the Tarot card spread. The Three of Pentacles upright shows positive business situations. This could be the beginning of a new project, launching a business and teamwork running smoothly. This is the part of a business venture that is fun, exciting, collaborative and prosperous. You may find a mentor or collaborate with another person to succeed.

When reversed, the Three of Pentacles can indicate tension in a business venture. It may signal that your team may not be working together, they may be competing with each other or there is tension. It may signal it’s time to clean house on the team to get rid of negative energy and/or unproductive team members. The Three of Pentacles can signal unhappiness, being underappreciated or not being shown value in your job/career. It’s up to the person being read to bring new energy to the situation.

The Three of Swords is rough. It represents the direct pain of truth. It is the emotional side of love, life and work being a disappointment. It shows there is a clarification of an emotional issue in the client’s life. It can represent a betrayal or disloyalty. Sadness, grief, painful emotional events that are usually unexpected. If this card comes up in your Tarot card spread, it can signal a time of self reflection.

When reversed, the Three of Swords is a little more positive. The client is finding it hard to move on after a breakup or heartbreak. There will be an emotional purge to cleanse the negative energy. This card can signify the need to move on and let go of the emotional pain to move toward a more positive existence.

The Three of Wands upright is a very positive card. It is time for success. This is an action card for something great - it could be a successful business venture or a wedding or a happy new relationship. This is an expansion card indicating positivity. The client will be busy - but a good busy.

Reversed, the Three of Wands can indicate communication issues and misunderstandings. If this card comes up, the client may want to slow down for a little while. Don’t be discouraged if this card shows up in your spread, it can signal delays and issues but if you’re committed to your plans, it shows you will be steadfast and work at your goals.

The Tarot card deck shown is the Ryder Tarot card deck. It can be found at most metaphysical stores.