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Tarot Card Series: The Fours of the Minor Arcana

This is about the Fours of the Minor Arcana; the Four of Cups, the Four of Pentacles, the Four of Swords and the Four of Wands. 

Tarot Card Series: The Threes of the Minor Arcana

The Threes of each suit of the Minor Arcana are all about growth and creating - good or bad. Depending on the suit, will determine if the growth is personal, business, mental or travel. 

The Suit of Pentacles

We are continuing the basics of Tarot cards series. This time we are focusing on the Suit of Pentacles. In a Tarot card deck, the Suit of Pentacles is in the Minor Arcana. Pentacles is associated with material and prosperity aspects of life. Depending on how many of the Pentacles show in a Tarot card spread and which cards turn up and their direction the psychic reader should be able to answer questions.