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The Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles

We are continuing the basics of Tarot cards series. This time we are focusing on the Suit of Pentacles. In a Tarot card deck, the Suit of Pentacles is in the Minor Arcana. Pentacles is associated with material and prosperity aspects of life. Depending on how many of the Pentacles show in a Tarot card spread and which cards turn up and their direction the psychic reader should be able to answer questions. 

The Suit of Pentacles is made up of 14 cards; the numbered cards and the court cards. The numbered cards are: Ace, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten. The four court cards are: Page, Knight, Queen and King. 

The Suit of Pentacles can represent the Earth astrological signs; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. When you see a Pentacles court card, depending on where it is in the spread, it may signify for the client to look out for a person who is one of these signs. Pentacles people are generally practical, organized, generous and ambitious. 

Depending on the Tarot card spread, some spreads use more cards than others, having Pentacles show up can signify financial matters, work issues, business-type issues and career and work issues. If Pentacles show inverted, depending on where they show in the spread, it may signify negative business-type issues. Each card and where they show up in the spread in upright or reversed positions will signify different aspects of a business or material issue. 

We cannot stress the importance of finding an experienced Tarot Card reader to do readings. Yes, many people can read cards and translate them from a book. The best Tarot card readers will have well-worn cards that are an extension of the reader. A Tarot card reader should be able to translate the cards effectively to give accurate information. An excellent Tarot card reader will take all aspects of the situation and all aspects of the Tarot Card Spread into consideration. Tarot card readers who have read for a diverse clientele in numerous situations over a period of years are the best Tarot card readers. The best Tarot card readers will take the different aspects of the spread - be it dealing with past, present, future, astrological signs and reversed or upright. 

When we do test readings with Tarot card readers, we specifically look for readers who are also clairvoyant. Readers who are clairvoyant with Tarot cards are excellent phone readers because they can give insight on what they are seeing and what the Tarot cards are telling them. 

The Tarot card deck shown is the Rider Tarot Deck. 
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