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Should I choose a strictly clairvoyant psychic or a tarot card psychic?

Should I choose a strictly clairvoyant psychic or a tarot card psychic?

When you call our psychic line, we go over different types of psychic readers and their specialties. It can be a little tough to determine which type of psychic you should choose, but we do have some very basic guidelines on helping a client choose an accurate psychic reader. We love to play psychic matchmakers. It is fun to put clients and readers together based on their energy. Helping our clients choose is so important to the success of the readings. 

On our psychic line, we look specifically for clairvoyant psychic readers. Clairvoyant readers pick up visually through meditation. They can describe the visual images of a client's personal situation. The visual images can help the psychic determine the outcome of a situation and then the reader can guide the client on the best way to make decisions.  

Tarot cards are a tool that many psychic readers use to help them determine past, present and future of a situation. They can also help psychic readers determine timing of events and answer specific questions. 

We believe both types of psychic readings are accurate. Whether a client chooses a reader who is clairvoyant or clairvoyant with tarot card, the client can get an excellent psychic reading. This is where choosing a psychic reader can get a little challenging. It must be an individual decision for the client on which reader to book. If the client is feeling he or she needs a visual and descriptive reading to help, we recommend strictly clairvoyant psychic readers. If the client is going to be asking specific questions and for timelines, we usually recommend a psychic who can use tarot cards.That is a very general analysis because we have witnessed clients from both ends of this spectrum enjoying and getting accuracy from the different types of psychic readers.  

We always recommend for the client to take notes during their psychic readings. That way he or she can look over the notes a couple months later to see the accuracy.  

Updated March, 2019