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Aromatherapy for Love and Relaxation

According to several sources, aromatherapy is when natural oils are used to help with emotional and/or physical well-being.  These oils can be used by either inhaling the scent or by massage oils.  

As with anything, essential oils should be used according to instructions.  The oils usually are concentrated.  A little goes a long way.  If you use them, be careful.  For example, a few drops in the bath tub may help you accomplish the state of mind you are looking for or help you relax.  Blending a few drops of essential into a lotion and using them for massage may be a very helpful experience and help you enhance your massage experience.  If you choose inhalation therapy, it is generally recommended that you use no more than five drops of oil into a good-sized pot of steaming water.  Often people use tent therapy this way by use of a towel to keep the steam in.  People can get creative and add a couple drops of essential to lotions or by making a compress out of a cloth-soaked in essential oil blended in warm water.  Be careful not to use too much.  A few drops into a bowl of warm water should suffice.

A few suggestions that may help enhance your emotional balance follow (use with caution):  
     Feeling angry - try jasmine, chamomile, or rosemary.
     Tired - try basil, peppermint, grapefruit, rosmary or thyme.  Cinnamon leaf, clove buds, or ginger may also be a good choice.
     Stressed - try citrus oils, lavendar, geranium, rosemary, sandalwood, or ylang ylang.
     Tense - try chamomile, jasmine, lavendar, lemon, orange, rose, or ylang ylang.

For lovers - You may want to try patchouli which is said to be provocative, earthy and increases sexual desire (use these love potions with caution): 
     If you want to add a little spice and stamina to your lovemaking, try black pepper.
     Ylang Ylang is touted as an aphrodisiac that supposedly increases libido and adds strength to the attraction between lovers.
     Try lime to increase desire and passion with a little twist of fun.
Do some research on aromatherapy.  Get creative.  Use blends.  Take control of your physical and emotional well-being.  Use with caution and enjoy the benefits!

Aromatherapy is considered alternative medicine.  It is not FDA approved.  Aromatherapy should not be used without properly educating yourself. It is recommended that you consult with a physician before use.  Make sure you do not have allergies.  Be sure to understand how and when to use them.  Strength of mixtures, how often they can be used, if they are safe during pregnancy, etc.  You need to take control.  Knowledge is power.  Remember, more is not necessarily better.  A little may go a long way.

Using your knowledge of aromatherapy and seeking the guidance of a tested love psychic specialist may help you spice up or add fun to your relationships.  Emotional balance may be helped along by taking the time to fine tune your mind, body and spirit.  

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