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5 ways to avoid holiday relationship drama

It may not be easy to avoid holiday stress.  Do not allow the excitement and your busy schedule to cause difficulties during the holidays.  Five easy steps that should help follow:

1.. The Holiday Plan.  Make sure that you work out a fair and reasonable plan as to where you will celebrate the holidays.  Make sure that you agree on when and where you will celebrate in order to make the most of the holiday fun.  If you decide on Christmas Eve with your parents and Christmas Day with the in laws, let them all know in advance and stick with your schedule.  Trying to jam in too much often makes for a stressful experience.  You may not be able to please everyone, but if you are unified with your plan, you will enjoy your holidays and avoid holiday relationship drama.

2.  Time for Love.  Use your Holiday Plan to include quality time together.  Granted, the holidays are busier than usual.  Make sure you take a moment to remember why you have chosen each other.  Even if you only have time for an occasional glass of wine together, take the time.  Remember to focus on each other and share how you feel.  Tell your love one that you are thankful for the gift of "them" for the holidays.  Unified love will make the holidays much more relaxing and fun.

3.  Forget About Perfection.  Your holidays will not be flawless.  Realize that fact, do what you can reasonably accomplish, sit back, and enjoy the celebration with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and your lover.  Sometimes the little mistakes that occur during holiday celebrations become legends that endure and bring people close over time.  Holidays are all about humanity and connection.  Laughter is the glue that helps hold us together and helps us avoid holiday drama.

4.  Watch Your Food and Alcohol Intake.  Holidays provide us with lots of opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry.  Too much alcohol, caffeine, and sugar can cause the activation of stress hormones in the body.  If you are stressed from the holiday experience, back off the sugary treats and alcohol.  Vegetables and proteins as a choice should help you relax and enjoy.  We are physical beings after all.  Common sense enjoyment of holiday bounties should help avoid stress and avoid holiday drama.

5.  Enjoy the Moment.  We all know that our schedules are crazy during the holidays.  However, if you forget to enjoy what you are doing right now - the holidays will be gone.  You will not have had a positive, fun experience.  For example, if you are at your child's Christmas Party and are working on the plans for your office party on your smart phone or mentally - it may cause anxiety.  Also, you may miss out on the joy of a child's party!  Pay attention to one thing at a time.  This will greatly relieve stress and improve your enjoyment.  Holiday drama is less likely to occur if you are happy and relaxed by living in the moment.

The aforementioned steps should help you get the most out of your holidays.  Relationships can be tricky.  

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