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Saturn Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde - Summer 2018


This summer’s Saturn Retrograde could be very interesting as Saturn exacts its price for life’s lessons. This Saturn Retrograde may bring up concerns regarding basic rules, father figures, people in authority, and an opportunity to seek truth in relationships.

Of course, communication is usually an important part of our lives. A quick quip regarding Summer Saturn and the importance of honest communication for each sun sign follows:

ARIES – Help me! Help me! Or, maybe a new job will appear and you won’t be overwhelmed.

TAURUS – I do have faith. Or, you make some wonderful new connections that are true.

GEMINI – Show me the money. Or, learn to say no if someone wants a loan.

CANCER – I am not your parent. Or, seek balance in your relationships.

LEO – Hide! Or, learn not to over-commit.

VIRGO – Keep it real. Or, enjoy honest communication about what YOU need.

LIBRA – No. No. No. Or, just keep it simple and only participate in events that interest you.

SCORPIO – What? What? Or, take the time to create mutual understanding in relationships.

SAGITTARIUS – No way! Or, take the opportunity to look out for number one.

CAPRICORN – You can do it! Or, quit overthinking about everything.

AQUARIUS - I want to be alone. Or, let people really help you.

PISCES – Whoopee! Or, take the time to only commit to things that are fun for you.

This Saturn Retrograde might just be the perfect time to get a phone psychic reading in order to help you find the way to enhance your love life and other relationships that are important to you. It is generally thought that psychic powers are enhanced during this push to truth in communication that this Saturn Retrograde provides.

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Sun sign information can be interesting, but usually only scratches the surface. Call the psychic line in order to really figure out what is going on and maybe figure out the best course of action for the results you so desire.

A focused tarot card reading by a clairvoyant should be very informative. The 2018 Saturn Retrograde is probably summer fun for lessons that should be learned! Good luck.