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Retrograde in Saturn

Retrograde in Saturn through September 6, 2018

Saturn goes into retrograde in Capricorn April 17, 2018 and ends September 6, 2018. Saturn is often seen as the universe’s strict teacher that pushes us toward truthfully addressing life’s challenges. Capricorn is said to be ruled by Saturn. When the retrograde is in this sign, psychic energy will probably be very strong. This energy should be focused on life lessons, karma, and truth. These are the areas where you may find psychic advice very helpful.

The psychic energy provided during a Saturn Retrograde generally forces people to take a close,uncomfortable, look at the choices they have made. It usually helps push toward growth. If there are avoided or unpleasant truths in play in that make life easier, Saturn may provide the chance to face what is going on and encourage corrective steps that could make life better. Psychics should be able to use this enhanced energy to help sort things out and enable you to take control of your destiny.

Capricorn is usually considered a no-nonsense, hardworking sign that keeps its eye on the prize. Since the prize concerning the Retrograde generally teaches about things that need to be dealt with, it should not be a surprise if people feel “off.” The energy during the Retrograde may cause you or those around you to act out. A reality check can be hard to deal with. 

Avoidance may be difficult during a Saturn Retrograde. People may have refused to face issues by using white lies, manipulations, or avoidance. If you feel uncomfortable, a call to the psychic line should be helpful. Saturn’s strong energy may provide you with a golden chance to make things right. If introspection fails you and does not provide answers; a telephone psychic reading may help you to identify the fibs that you tell yourself and others or vise a versa. 

When you are ready for your psychic reading, you should note that the energy that is available this summer should help the connection between you and your reader. If you or those you deal with face negativity – the psychic energy boost provided by Saturn should make it easier to identify the cause. This may make it easier to make the necessary moves toward a positive outcome. If you do not heed warnings and make the corrections that a Saturn Retrograde wants, Saturn may harshly remind you. If you ignore Saturn, something may come to the surface and bite you in the butt. Don’t be caught off guard.

Instead of dreading the Saturn Retrograde, perhaps it should be seen as an opportunity for solid, spiritual growth. Once the retrograde is over, things may revert back to their old order.