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The Right Relationship

Are you in the right relationship? That tingly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is just great. However, there are also concrete ways to tell if your relationship is right for you. Ask yourself the following questions in order to help decide if your love relationship is on the right track.

Do you miss your partner when they are not with you? If you never think of them when they are gone, it may be a sign that you are not that emotionally invested in them.

Do family and friends think the relationship is a good idea? Family and friends are often very objective in their view of your relationship. If the other loves in your life do not approve, it may be a big red flag.

Do you place more importance on your relationship, or yourself? A successful love relationship usually involves a couple that think "us" rather than "me, me, me." This is an important two-way street. Shared dreams and goals work wonders in a relationship.

Are you having fun in bed? It should be noted that those couples that are comfortable and spontaneous in their sex life seem to have more fulfilling relationships. It is more about being relaxed, having fun and confidence in your partner than following a "how to" instruction sheet. Lovemaking is not a contest. Communicate with each other, be dialed in to each other's feelings and feel safe in the knowledge that your relationship is right for both of your.

Do your share common core values? It is interesting to note that couples often have very different personalities on the surface. One may be a neat freak, the other - not so much. The differences may turn out to be entertaining indeed. They should not be a sore point if the parties involved have the same core values. Views on parenting, handling money, spiritual beliefs, children, fidelity, etc. are examples of some important core values that should be shared.

How do you handle disagreements? Fair fighting is generally a great approach. Try to remember to not yell, scream, call names, be physically abusive, deride the other person, ignore them, treat them like they are an idiot, or be dismissive. You do not have to agree on everything. However, when there is a problem, communication and fair fighting is probably the key to a healthy love relationship. And, making up can be very rewarding!

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