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Twin Flame Soul Mates

What is a twin flame soulmate?  A commonly held explanation is that when your soul was formed, it was complete.  This "soul" was then split into two more completely and wholly different entities.  Greek mythology mentions that humans originally had four legs, four arms and one head that presented two faces. Humans were also considered to be three genders: men (sun), women (earth), and other (moon).  According to the story, humans possessed great strength and threatened the Gods.  In order to get rid of this threat Zeus supposedly split humans in half resulting in Twin Flames.  

The concept of twin flames is sometimes confused with a soul mate.  People usually have many different soul mates throughout their life.  A soul mate can take the form of a family member, friend, lover, neighbor, etc.  Even a brief encounter with a stranger that influences us can be a soul mate that provides us with an opportunity for a karmic adjustment.  The law of Karma generally brings soul mates together and gives us the chance to grow.  

Twin flames are generally considered a different karmic concept..  Seemingly, when twin flames reunite, their souls will bring past experiences to the surface that need to be released.  The twin flame relationship, however, will probably be much more intense than an experience with a soul mate.   A true twin flame connection may be so overwhelming that it causes conflict, fear and confusion. This may cause one or both parties to flee from the experience.

Hopefully, when the two halves of the twin flame finally find each other, there will be true unity.  While each is considered to be a complete soul, finding their other half is a deeply-held need.  As these two souls make their spiritual journey, they are presented with challenges to rejoin and become whole.  Their female, male and other energies provide the fodder and experience that leads them to their destiny of completeness.  When it comes to a twin flame, you are not necessarily meeting a soul mate.  It seems that you are meeting the other half of yourself. This process apparently allows the twin flames to finally reunite and become one again.  It may take many reunions before the soul is truly ready to reunite.

If you are in an intense love relationship, you may have bumped into your twin flame!  If your loved has suddenly picked up and fled, perhaps that person has been overcome or frightened by the intensity of the relationship.  Do you and your loved one argue more than what you would like?  Perhaps you have met your twin flame.  Think about how well you and your other half know each other.  That knowing may lead to great love and understanding, it also may lead to conflict because there is no hiding from your twin flame!

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