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Soul Mate Identification

Soul mates may come in many types, shapes and sizes.  Your soul connections may include people that you owe something to in a Karmic sense.  These connections usually only last until some sort of Karmic debt is resolved.  This process may be very quick or take a little bit longer - depending on what needs to be resolved.  You could find your Twin Flame soul mate.  This intense connection reflects your other half and may be very challenging:  Have you ever won an argument with yourself?  Other connections include simply romantic, familial, friends, etc.

Valentine's Day Spirit

Valentine's Day may mean different things to different people at varying stages of their life.  When you are a child, Valentine's Day may be an exciting day because you get to give and receive cards from your friends.  As you mature, the day may take on a different meaning.  It may provide an opportunity to express love or receive an affirmation of love.  This may be romantic or just friendly.  If you have loved ones that like to participate, this might be another day to share and celebrate your love. 

Love Psychics

Talking to a love psychic may be very helpful in sorting out your relationship issues.  Relationships can take many twists and turns.  An insightful psychic reading from a clairvoyant or tarot card reader may be able to help guide you toward a better understanding of what is going on with your love relationship.

Twin Flame Soul Mates

What is a twin flame soulmate?  A commonly held explanation is that when your soul was formed, it was complete.  This "soul" was then split into two more completely and wholly different entities.  Greek mythology mentions that humans originally had four legs, four arms and one head that presented two faces. Humans were also considered to be three genders: men (sun), women (earth), and other (moon).  According to the story, humans possessed great strength and threatened the Gods.

Soul Mates

Spring is here and love is in the air.  When thoughts turn to love, people often focus on finding their soul mate.  What exactly is a soul mate?  A common definition is that a soul mate is a person that loves, understands, and accepts every aspect of your personality.  The expectation is that life with a soul mate will be perfect and easy.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

The last retrograde for 2014 takes place in Scorpio from October 4th through October 26th.  The usual warnings apply.  Do not start anything new.  Double check anything and everything that involves communication.  If you are traveling, double check your itinerary.  Back up your computer.  Make sure to check the engine light on your vehicle.  Make sure you verify all appointments a couple of times.  Be careful of your cell phone.  Make sure you do not send out a mass email that was intended for only one person.

Soul Mate Connection

How do you identify a soul mate?  A soul mate is different from a life partner.  A life partner relationship may be very fulfilling, however, it is a somewhat different experience from being with a soul mate.  A life partner relationship may be very mature and based on mutual respect, love, trust, common goals and friendship.  A soul mate connection is a little more difficult to nail down.  With a soul mate, you are drawn to someone.  It is usually intuitive and basic.  It probably seems right and comfortable.  Words seem inadequate to describe a soul


People talk about finding their soul mate all of the time. What exactly is a soul mate? A common definition is that a soul mate is a person who loves, understands, and accepts every aspect of your personality. This leads to the expectation that life with a soul mate is easy.  Not so fast! Being in tune with each other does not guarantee success in a relationship. A relationship can break apart if love, respect, and communication are not a steady component. Do not take your relationship for granted. Relationships need to be nurtured, or they will die.

All of our psychics are love psychics

The number one question asked by our clients of our readers is about relationships.  In order to become a psychic with Solutions, the reader must be very comfortable working with relationships.  Love psychics specialize in all types of relationship areas of concern.  Our readers can help clients deal with all relationship stages and some can even help figure out what the other person feels.  It is amazing and fun to get psychic readings about a relationship.  A love psychic can play a very large role in how we deal with finding and keeping a soul mate.

Psychic Reader Spotlight: Marco

Marco has been doing psychic readings for Solutions for about 15 years.  When he started with PSI, he already had over 20 years of experience.  Marco is one of our top relationship specialists.  He is excellent on picking up on other people and true feelings.  Marco can tell if a person is the client's soul mate.  Marco is clairvoyant and uses some tarot cards.  He is empathic and describes how other people feel.  He is very friendly and easy to talk to and is a natural intuitive.  Marco is also excellent in focusing on business and family issues.