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People talk about finding their soul mate all of the time. What exactly is a soul mate? A common definition is that a soul mate is a person who loves, understands, and accepts every aspect of your personality. This leads to the expectation that life with a soul mate is easy.  Not so fast! Being in tune with each other does not guarantee success in a relationship. A relationship can break apart if love, respect, and communication are not a steady component. Do not take your relationship for granted. Relationships need to be nurtured, or they will die.

Do you expect perfection from your soul mate? Not realistic. If you think that finding your soul mate guarantees that you will not face challenges in your relationship, you are setting yourself up for a huge disappointment. Finding your soul mate does not mean that your life together will be free of ups and downs. If you question whether someone is your soul mate or not just because you experience a bumpy patch, be careful. Demanding everything your way and expecting perfection and total harmony is self-defeating.  It is important to realize that being a soul mate is a two-way street. You need to find your true, higher self before you can happily experience a relationship with your soul mate. Remember, there is no such thing as perfection in a relationship.  

A soul mate may come to us in several different ways. A person that comes to you because they shared other lives with your comes through the process of reincarnation. A person that is "your other half" is the soul mate that makes you whole. A preordained soul mate is the idea that a person comes to you because of fate.  The concept of soul mates is widespread and interesting. 

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