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Soul Mate Identification

Soul mates may come in many types, shapes and sizes.  Your soul connections may include people that you owe something to in a Karmic sense.  These connections usually only last until some sort of Karmic debt is resolved.  This process may be very quick or take a little bit longer - depending on what needs to be resolved.  You could find your Twin Flame soul mate.  This intense connection reflects your other half and may be very challenging:  Have you ever won an argument with yourself?  Other connections include simply romantic, familial, friends, etc.

Most people seem to be very interested in their soul mate connection.  You might have a love connection with someone that is based on sexual attraction, mutual trust, mutual goals, and love.  This love connection may be wonderful, but might not be a soul mate connection.

How do you identify a soul mate?  Generally, you feel a strange sense of familiarity when you meet that person.  You might immediately understand exactly what that person is all about.  You "get" them.  Often, you feel safe and secure around that person.  Your family and friends may not understand the attraction.  Also, you usually feel that you can say or confide anything to that person; and that they will understand you immediately.  A strong mental connection may also be in play.  For example, you may try to contact each other at the same time.  You may post and share some of the same things on Facebook or other social media.  Another interesting thing about a soul mate connection is that you generally hold eye contact with them longer than with a regular person.  

A soul mate may be identified by the above-mentioned qualities.  A soul mate connection is truly a relationship connection.  Generally, you care about each other flaws and all. 

Finally, an important identifier of a soul mate is that is very difficult to break this relationship or end it.  Your family and friends may think you have lost your mind.  

Consider this:  If you are in a disruptive relationship situation that really draws you in, you might just have found a soul mate.  No relationship is perfect - even a soul mate.  A soul mate relationship, since it is deeper, may be more challenging than a relationship without that connection.

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