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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

The last retrograde for 2014 takes place in Scorpio from October 4th through October 26th.  The usual warnings apply.  Do not start anything new.  Double check anything and everything that involves communication.  If you are traveling, double check your itinerary.  Back up your computer.  Make sure to check the engine light on your vehicle.  Make sure you verify all appointments a couple of times.  Be careful of your cell phone.  Make sure you do not send out a mass email that was intended for only one person.   Misunderstandings (both ways) and confusion may take over if you are not prepared.  You get the drift.  

This may be the perfect opportunity to reexamine and review decisions, projects, old contracts, relationships, work issues, monetary decisions, checking account mistakes, billing errors, lovers, family drama, work relationships, your approach in the bedroom, and etc.   Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio should provide an opportunity to delve deeply into the underlying truth of the situations that affect you.  

Since this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio takes place during the sun sign influence of Libra, you might find yourself finally able to see things in a fair, deep and truthful manner regarding your relationships.  It may provide you with the perfect opportunity to come to terms with a soul mate.  This could be someone from the past or present.  Your mind might just be able to identify that you have been in a rut or involved in a negative relationship.  Your perceptions may suddenly be clear and provide you with a deep understanding of a situation enabling you to take control and move forward into the light.  This retrograde may allow you to reconcile wrongs and eliminate negativity from your life.

This particular Mercury Retrograde should be useful for taking a look at contracts and reworking them in a fair manner.  Secrets regarding work, lovers, sexual transgressions, behind the scenes betrayals at work or at home, or understanding where a deeply seeded fear stems from may finally be revealed.  You cannot change what you are unaware of!  This is an opportunity to look at those things that lurk under the surface.  

The passion and detective work that Scorpio provides, combined with the influence of Libra's focus on love and fairness, may provide a wonderful opportunity for clarity.  A tested telephone psychic with clairvoyant ability may be able to help direct you in sorting out the questions this final retrograde of the year brings to us.  This is a wonderful opportunity to seek out the truth regarding love, work, family, old relationships, contracts, etc.  With Scorpio involved, secrets and hidden agendas may finally be revealed and dealt with.