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Mercury Retrograde Dates

A retrograde planet is an optical illusion since no planet can be in this position. When we say a planet is retrograde, it appears to be moving backward in its orbit from our perspective on earth. Although all planets appear to be retrograde at some point, it's Mercury that seems to be in this state more often. Typically, Mercury goes retrograde about three to four times each year.

According to astrology, the planets closer to the sun yield more influence on our lives compared to the outer planets.

October 2019 Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio - A Tip for Every Star Sign

Mercury Retrogrades take place every three or four months. The last Mercury Retrograde for 2019 begins Pre-Shadow in Scorpio on October 11th.. It goes Retrograde in Scorpio on October 31st. It goes Direct in Scorpio on November 20th. Mercury ends the Post-Shadow period on December 7, 2019 at 12:55 pm EST. A Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio last occurred in 2014.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will probably focus on distrust in personal relationships, secrets, unsatisfactory experiences, revelations about jealousy, and ramp up emotional intensity.

What is Mercury Retrograde 2019?

Mercury goes into retrograde 3-4 times per calendar year. The dates for 2019 are March 5th to March 28th; July 7th to August 2nd; and October 31st to November 20th. It seems that everyone and everything are influenced by Mercury in retrograde. Earth’s orbit interacts with Mercury giving the impression that planets are moving backwards. This is, of course, only an illusion. When Mercury is in retrograde, life seems to be full of confusion, delays, and chaos.

Moon in Pisces effect on each Sun Sign

The Moon is constantly on the move. Mercury Retrograde that takes place March 5th through March 28th in Pisces. The moon will move into Pisces on March 6, 2019.

The Retrograde will generally cause problems in communication. The Pisces influence should be a bit more subtle than when the Moon moves through other signs. The Moon’s influence is thought to be feminine in energy and places the emphasis on emotions. Here are some tips to help you get through the changes.

Mercury Retrograde starts on March 5, 2019

Mercury Retrogrades happen to us at least three times a year. We know that it will generally affect communication in interesting ways. People misunderstand you, you misunderstand them, schedules and appointments get messed up, your computer decides to give you the black screen of death, your car warning lights may mysteriously show a problem - then suddenly go off without any reason, and you may feel out of step.

Relationships, Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon

The Mercury Retrograde influence combined with the Full Moon on November 23 influence may be disruptive for relationships. A bright spot to focus on during this time of turmoil should be that you may be able to give your relationships the tune up they need in order to be healthy. The timing of this opportunity just before the holiday season might be just the thing to help ease some of the tensions faced during this busy season.

Mercury Retrograde and the Full Frost Moon on November 23, 2018

Mercury Retrograde started November 16th and ends December 6th. Mercury rules communication. When it goes into retrograde, it may cause all sorts of disruptions to our lives. Try to avoid starting anything new, it is a great time to add finishing touches to current or old projects. It is probably a good idea to put off signing legal documents, downloading new software on your computer, scheduling new appointments, posting stuff on social media, etc. Also be aware that your comprehension skills may be sub par.