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Mercury Retrograde and the Full Frost Moon on November 23, 2018

Mercury Retrograde and the Full Frost Moon on November 23, 2018

Mercury Retrograde started November 16th and ends December 6th. Mercury rules communication. When it goes into retrograde, it may cause all sorts of disruptions to our lives. Try to avoid starting anything new, it is a great time to add finishing touches to current or old projects. It is probably a good idea to put off signing legal documents, downloading new software on your computer, scheduling new appointments, posting stuff on social media, etc. Also be aware that your comprehension skills may be sub par.

If you want interesting information regarding Mercury Retrogrades, click on the YouTube link.

During the Mercury Retrograde a Full Frost Moon takes place on November 23, 2018. This is going to make the Mercury Retrograde interesting - to say the least. Lunar influences should make your emotions and intuition very sensitive. You may find that you are easily irritated or that those around you seem to be very touchy and temperamental. If anything in your relationship is a problem, the moon will probably shine a light on it and force you to take a look.

The influences of the Frost Moon during this period may cause you or those around you to act first, think later. Mars is involved and may make things difficult and intense.Try to handle your elevated energy awareness in a healthy, helpful manner. A call to a tested psychic should help you sort things out if you feel off balance. If you try to bury your anger, it could erupt in unexpected ways. You don’t want to manifest anger by causing a road rage incident, hurting yourself accidentally, catching a cold or flu, posting negative stuff on social media that you can’t take back, or blowing up over “nothing” at home or work.

If you experience psychic attacks, psychic vampires, physical, or emotional attacks from others during this time of heightened energy, a psychic reading from the psychic line may help you understand the underlying causes and help you react accordingly.

Also, avoid the temptation to overeat, share an adult moment, or overindulge in alcohol or other controlled substances. If you decide to use beverage to settle yourself down, be careful not to let it cause you to use poor judgment. False courage could lead to accidents, exposure to criticism from others, unwanted attention from strangers, and embarrassment..