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Moon in Pisces effect on each Sun Sign

The Moon is constantly on the move. Mercury Retrograde that takes place March 5th through March 28th in Pisces. The moon will move into Pisces on March 6, 2019.

The Retrograde will generally cause problems in communication. The Pisces influence should be a bit more subtle than when the Moon moves through other signs. The Moon’s influence is thought to be feminine in energy and places the emphasis on emotions. Here are some tips to help you get through the changes.

If you want a slant on how things coming up in March may affect you, a brief description should help. The moon will move through Pisces many times during the year. A quick peek at how the Moon in Pisces generally affects you follows:

ARIES - How you relate to others at work may come to the forefront. Also, be extra careful of how you communicate with others, especially at work. People may react in an emotional rather than logical manner to your “suggestions.” Try tact.

TAURUS - May face confusion regarding relationships because you have been so focused on your desired outcome, that you may have missed something important. Try empathy.

GEMINI - You may face difficulties professionally and in your personal life because of slowly building tensions. Pay attention to the details instead of trying to deal with too many irons in the fire. Try focus.

CANCER - You may find disruptions at home. You might want to give your significant other some space to work out their issues. Try laying low.  

LEO - This will generally be a great time to be financially conservative. Take a few minutes to carefully go over your budget. Be careful of financial entanglements with others: there may be problems. Try a spending freeze.

VIRGO - You will have a wonderful opportunity to take a look at an reorganize your life. Also, you should be able to appreciate loved ones in a new and insightful way. Try really looking.

LIBRA - An opportunity should arise that allows you spiritual growth. You may find a new place to go to that gives you serenity and peace. Stay off social media, breathe, and appreciate the wonderful world around you. Try relaxing.

SCORPIO - The emphasis during this period will probably be on relationships. You should take this opportunity to get rid of any negative people in your life. Your intuition should be right on during this time. Try following your gut.

SAGITTARIUS - You may face challenges in your relationships at home and at work. Double check all communication and make sure there is a meeting of the minds before you go off the deep end. Try patience.

CAPRICORN - This will probably be a good time to start taking classes in something that interests you. You may find an overseas connection that is beneficial. Also, you might get overdue recognition for past academic contributions. Try appreciating yourself.

AQUARIUS - This may be a time that you will find mistakes or pay for past transgressions. You should probably be very aware and careful of your finances at this time. Try an audit.

PISCES - Your focus should be on your love life. This should be a good time to make necessary adjustments. Also, you may reconnect with a past lover or renew your love vows with your current significant other. Try love.