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Mercury Retrograde starts on March 5, 2019

Mercury Retrograde starts on March 5, 2019

Mercury Retrogrades happen to us at least three times a year. We know that it will generally affect communication in interesting ways. People misunderstand you, you misunderstand them, schedules and appointments get messed up, your computer decides to give you the black screen of death, your car warning lights may mysteriously show a problem - then suddenly go off without any reason, and you may feel out of step.

A quality psychic reading may help you hone in on the issues that may arise during this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. If you are feeling there are issues hiding just below the surface and out of your reach, you may be right. A private call to a phone psychic reader at The Psychic Line will probably help you see things more clearly.

A Mercury Retrograde in Pisces will involve communication, but generally in a more subtle way. There may not be apparent or dramatic miscommunications, but you may get the feeling that something unknown is lurking just beneath the surface. Piscean energy will make you more inclined to tune into the feelings of those around you. 

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces affects the Water Signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer by helping push forward opportunities for inevitable change. If you are one of these sun signs you will probably find that your focus is on relationships.You may feel a little bit uneasy because the influence of the Mercury Retrograde muddies the waters somewhat and makes it difficult for you to see what is going on with those you love, friends, work colleagues, or casual acquaintances. It may be a good idea for you to clean up your social media accounts, change some of your bad habits, and focus on figuring out what relationship changes may surface.

The Fire Signs of Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo will probably be strongly be affected by this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Water tends to smother fire. The energy provided by this retrograde may make you feel very anxious about everything in general. Avoid overreacting to social media posts, take the evening news reports with a grain of salt, and try to relax. If your cell phone or laptop acts up, just take a breath and don’t do anything impulsive. If something is spiraling out of control, seek out a friend for advice. Listening to the voice in your head may not be a great idea during this time of miscommunication.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are Earth Signs. If you have one of these Sun Signs, it would probably be a good time to avoid new relationships, new work opportunities, new telephone apps, or new plans in general. You might want to go to a spa, relax and spend some quality time with old, proven friends. This will not be a good time to forge full speed ahead in the abyss. This retrograde may hide too many things under its watery surface.

The Air Signs of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius need to take some “me” time and try to enjoy some time all by yourself. The presence of Pisces in a Mercury Retrograde hides all kinds of communication pitfalls which you should avoid. Take a couple of weeks and catch up on your reading, neglected communications, delete unnecessary apps from your cell phone or tablet, organize and backup your photos, and ignore the confusion that may arise from the muddy waters of this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.