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Mercury Retrograde Dates

Mercury Retrograde Dates

A retrograde planet is an optical illusion since no planet can be in this position. When we say a planet is retrograde, it appears to be moving backward in its orbit from our perspective on earth. Although all planets appear to be retrograde at some point, it's Mercury that seems to be in this state more often. Typically, Mercury goes retrograde about three to four times each year.

According to astrology, the planets closer to the sun yield more influence on our lives compared to the outer planets.

What Happens as Mercury Goes Retrograde

Before going retrograde, the planet starts slowing down, and this is referred to as the pre-retrograde period. When it slows down, it also begins to lose its power, and that's why most people believe it's not advisable to start new ventures at this time.

The retrograde period is followed by the post-retrograde period. This is the time when the planet begins picking up and gaining speed. It still moves slowly, and the momentum can slow the progress of any projects undertaken at this time.

Mercury Retrograde Dates for the Next 5 years

Year 2020

1st retrograde season: 18th February - 9th March

2nd retrograde season: 19th June - 11th July

3rd retrograde season: 16th October - 2nd November

Year 2021

1st retrograde season: 30th January- 2nd February

2nd retrograde season: 31st May - 21st June

3rd retrograde season: 21st September - 16th October

Year 2022

1st retrograde season: 15th January - 5th February

2nd retrograde season: 11th May - 2nd June

3rd retrograde season: 11th September  - 30th September

4th retrograde season: 31st December

Year 2023

1st retrograde season: 1st January - 12th January

2nd retrograde season: 22nd April - 15th May

3rd retrograde season: 24th August- 14th September

4th retrograde season: 15th December - 31st December

Year 2024

1st retrograde season: 1st January - 2nd January

2nd retrograde season: 2nd April - 25th April

3rd retrograde season: 12th August - 27th August

What Effects Does Mercury Being in Retrograde Have?

This phenomenon goes on for about 24 days and repeats in every 88 days. In this season, everything seems to be haywire. Organizing special events during the retrograde period isn't advisable; for example, you should not plan to go for vacation, interview, or submit proposals during this time.

Psychics believe that our judgment and communication skills are negatively affected during this time. It is believed Mercury affects communication, travel, and even contracts; that's why most people are affected during this period. Relationship issues and running late are some of the impacts of Mercury retrograde.

Any period you encounter some bit of bad luck in the stated dates, it could be due to mercury retrograde.

According to mythology, Mercury is considered a messenger, and one of its effects going retrograde is messages getting lost in translation. This ranges from miscommunication among individuals and short-circuiting in computers. Issues you've had in the past may also return.

Experts advise people to avoid making significant commitments or plans during this season. Instead, it's an ideal time for self-reflection.

Other possible happenings when Mercury is retrograde include disagreeing with loved ones and friends. Letters and emails getting lost and travel disruptions are also frequent during this period. In simple terms, it's a season of general misfortune.

Why You Should Take Note of Mercury Retrograde Dates

During the retrograde period, it's advisable to keep calm and avoid advancing into new territory according to psychic information offered by experts. It's thus essential to know the Mercury retrograde dates for the coming years to plan your projects and avoid going off track.