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Psychic Booking Agents

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. strives to provide our clients with quality readings. We have you call the office in order to book your reading.    Why?  Because we think a personal service deserves personal attention.

Empaths - Experience Another Person's Feelings - Part 2

An Empath has the ability to experience another person's feelings.  It is important to avoid confusing empathy with emotional contagion, sympathy, or telepathy.  When you feel sympathy, you wish for a person to feel better.  Emotional contagion is usually when you feel intense emotions similar to what you may experience at a Rock Concert.  Telepathy is the ability to know how someone may feel because the other person's mind is being read.  There is a subtle difference between knowing and feeling.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

The last retrograde for 2014 takes place in Scorpio from October 4th through October 26th.  The usual warnings apply.  Do not start anything new.  Double check anything and everything that involves communication.  If you are traveling, double check your itinerary.  Back up your computer.  Make sure to check the engine light on your vehicle.  Make sure you verify all appointments a couple of times.  Be careful of your cell phone.  Make sure you do not send out a mass email that was intended for only one person.