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Empaths - Experience Another Person's Feelings - Part 2

An Empath has the ability to experience another person's feelings.  It is important to avoid confusing empathy with emotional contagion, sympathy, or telepathy.  When you feel sympathy, you wish for a person to feel better.  Emotional contagion is usually when you feel intense emotions similar to what you may experience at a Rock Concert.  Telepathy is the ability to know how someone may feel because the other person's mind is being read.  There is a subtle difference between knowing and feeling.  For example, you should know a fire is hot without actually putting your hand into it for verification.  You do not necessarily have to feel the burn in order to know something!

Empaths often develop a psychic shield in order to try and protect themselves from too much emotional information.  If an empath absorbs too many feelings, it may be overwhelming.  One common way to set up a shield is to simply visualize a white or gold energy shield around your physical and mental being.  This shield usually provides protection.  If you feel the need for something more, crystals may help.  Either purple jade or magnetite are usually a good choice.

Another suggestion that should help protect a sensitive empath is when you are enjoying a shower, imagine that the water is a magnet that is pulling away negativity.  As you allow the water to cascade down your body, just tell yourself to "release."  This is generally a great way to cleanse both mind and body.  A bath in Epsom Salts may also be a good way to release negative energy.  Self-protection is often quite important for an empath in order to make sure that the feelings you may be experiencing are really applicable to your situation.  

The psychic mind can be a wonderful thing.  Once an Empath figures out how to control and manage their gift, a lot of things in their own lives that seemed strange should start to make sense.  Understanding empathic abilities and using the support of a shield, crystals, or cleansing with water therapies should provide the psychic empath with valuable tools in order to help you realistically face the challenges of daily life.

A tested telephone psychic should be able to assist you in reaching a better understanding of your empathic psychic abilities and work with you in order to provide insight for the issues that haunt you.  Understanding feelings and how they apply to your situations should be an area where an experienced psychic advisor should be able to help.  Working with relationships, business, love, and life's many other challenges are what our wonderful advisors strive to do.

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