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Soul Mate Connection

How do you identify a soul mate?  A soul mate is different from a life partner.  A life partner relationship may be very fulfilling, however, it is a somewhat different experience from being with a soul mate.  A life partner relationship may be very mature and based on mutual respect, love, trust, common goals and friendship.  A soul mate connection is a little more difficult to nail down.  With a soul mate, you are drawn to someone.  It is usually intuitive and basic.  It probably seems right and comfortable.  Words seem inadequate to describe a soul mate connection.

A soul mate is a rare and beautiful thing.  They maybe a permanent part of our lives, or temporarily appear as a reminder of something that we may be missing or neglecting in our lives.  Looking frantically for a soul mate or soul mates is an effort in futility.  They appear when the universe allows.  Make sure that you love, respect and live your life in truth.  Then, when a soul mate appears, the experience will be special indeed.

How do you identify a soul connection or soul mate?  Often you feel a sense of deja vu when you encounter a soul connection or soul mate.  You may immediately understand that person.  You usually feel very safe with that person.  Describing the why of a relationship that does not make sense to your family or friends may be very difficult.  You may generally feel that you can conquer anything with this person by your side.  You probably have a strong mental connection and are able to be in tune with the other person (for example, you try to contact each other at the same time).  Soul mates also have a tendency to look each other right in the eye when communicating.  You generally find it easy to understand that person - flaws and all.  You probably will feel that your soul mate is someone that you cannot leave.

Keep in mind that a soul mate connection is a relationship connection.  All relationships are imperfect and have their ups and downs.  Whether you have a wonderful life partner relationship or find your soul mate, remember to enjoy and nourish your relationship.  Do not ignore your personal growth.  

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