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Mercury Retrograde December 2016

Mercury Retrograde December 2016

Happy Holidays and Merry Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury retrograde starts December 19, 2016 in Capricorn and backs up into Sagittarius by January 8, 2017.

This retrograde could make the holiday season much more interesting.  Travel delays, miscommunication, misunderstandings, equipment breakdowns, scheduling problems, relationship drama because of communication issues, lost items (track your gifts), and generally being out of sync might just make this holiday season a little more challenging that usual.

A Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn usually focuses attention onto jobs, reputations, and getting things done.  As Mercury backs up into Sagittarius it will probably put the focus on dreams, hopes, learning new things, travel and great ideas.

This particular Mercury Retrograde might enhance your ability to take a look at where you are in your career (are you in a rut?), and maybe give you the inspiration to make some positive changes down the road.  As Mercury returns to Sagittarius, your ideas regarding education, creativity and growth in your career might show you the path to greater success down the road.

As far as relationships during this Merry Mercury Retrograde, the general cautionary notes may apply.  When we are in a relationship, we are often tempted to just let things go.  This may be a time when problematic underlying patterns might move to the forefront.  It is important to realize that the stress of the holiday season during this period might not bring out the best in everyone.  

Remember to take a breath and try not to give into the frustrations or disappointments you might be experiencing.  This may be a good time to audit your situation, and perhaps act on what you may have realized during a calmer, less confusing period.

Family, friends, work, lovers, schedules and organization in general might be overwhelming during the holiday season.  A Merry Mercury Retrograde might make you feel even more stressed than usual.  It is generally important to reflect on what the holiday season represents and take the time to enjoy the spirit of the season.  Making memories with your friends, co-workers, family, strangers and loved ones should make the season shine.  Try to take things in stride and pay attention to some important insights that may be revealed during this exciting time.

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Merry Mercury Retrograde might just provide you with great opportunities if you can figure out how to see things in perspective.  Give us a call!  Have a Happy and Safe Holiday season.


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