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The term psychic is a general term

The term psychic is a general term

The term psychic is a general term. Do you know there are more ways to get a reading than we can tell you in one post. However, we can describe the general nature of the term psychic. In our industry, this can mean anyone who tries to predict. It can include tea leaf, palms, numerology, astrology, past life, Tarot cards, angel cards, telepathy, mediumship, clairvoyance, channeling, empathic and/or spirit guides.

We look for psychic readers who are clairvoyant. They may also use any of the tools mentioned above.

After clairvoyance, we look for readers who are fluent with Tarot Cards and/or are a psychic medium. Other ways of predicting are welcome, but our clients regularly request clairvoyant psychic readers. Other tools are great, but we like readers who can give visual descriptions. 

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