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Notes from Renee's Facebook Live 3-29-17

Mercury Retrograde pre shadow phase has started 
We will go into Mercury retrograde on april 9
You can review last week’s video blog about ways to prepare for MR on our blog at blog

I noticed another topic that I wanted to discuss that has been very popular in the past. 

Developing your intuition.

We have quite a few videos on this topic and there will certainly be more
Intuition is not to be feared. 

This is a gift that you are given when you are born. Some people have more, some people have less

To the people who have less natural intuition - you can develop it through meditation, observance, age, wisdom and understanding. 

To the people who have more intuition - You can grow stronger and hone your skills more.

Please do not be afraid of your intuition. It really is a gift and your 6th sense. It can be one of your biggest strengths if you learn to listen

If you fear that you are in danger - always listen to your gut feeling. It is important and needs to be honored. 

Pay attention to your first impressions

Take notes on your intuition and your thoughts - keep a journal. It will help you get more accurate. 

Letting your ability and feelings come through are an important way to honor yourself. 

And - your  self should always be honored. 

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