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Healthy Boundaries are important for Accurate Psychic Readings

Let’s talk about psychic boundaries. Did you know that most psychics do not read for themselves, family or friends? This makes perfect sense. If you and a psychic are too emotionally, socially, or physically involved, the reading may be influenced by what the reader thinks you want to hear. The Psychic Line is set up to honor your psychic boundary. A boundary protects your interest, your personal information and is best for getting a good reading.

How do I know if I am getting a good reading?

In order to keep a professional psychic boundary we use a double-blind booking method. Readers use an assumed name. They are only provided with your name, when you are calling, and how many minutes you have purchased. Readers never have access to any personal information.

If you get too close to your psychic reader, your conversations usually turn into a friendly back and forth chat instead of a legitimate psychic reading. Getting too close with your reader actually works against you.

Think about it. There are tons of groups on social media that talk about psychics and offer “free” readings and discussion groups. While it may be fun to explore ideas and make new friends, however, professional psychics maintain professional boundaries.

You can call a psychic as often as you like. Every person is an individual:

  1. You may choose to talk to one reader - this is wonderful. One reader may have a strong connection with you and be able to provide you with the information you seek. Preserving the professional boundary should allow you and your reader enjoy many years of psychic connections.

  2. If you want to talk to a few different readers in order to get a different slant on your issues, this is a great place to find readers to assist you. Our readers do not share information with each other. You can enjoy our professional boundaries - safe in the knowledge that your readers only know what you want to share.

  3. If you want to try new readers, we have new tested readers available regularly.

  4. You can call several times a day, once a week, once a month, once a year or whenever you feel the need for the insight that a professional psychic should be able to provide you.

We maintain a strict professional boundary with our double-blind booking method that protects you and enables the telephone psychic to give you the most objective, informative reading possible over the phone.

Social media readings and friends may be fun, but a private telephone reading at The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc.should be a reading you can trust. The Psychic Line is set up to preserve professional boundaries and privacy. You can get tarot card readings, clairvoyant readings, empathic readings, mediumship, precognitive readings, past lives, channeling, and other forms of psychic information. Enjoy!