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How do I know if I am getting a good reading?

How do I know if I am getting a good reading?

How do I know if I am getting a good reading?

We love what we do. We test, market and book psychic readers by phone. When we test readers, we know what we are looking for so our clients can trust they are getting the best psychic advice. We specifically look for readers who are accurate, caring and friendly. On an average day, 95% of our calls are from return callers. One of the top ways our clients hear about us is through referrals. 

We are serious about our readings. We know our clients have real life issues and they need answers. What makes a good psychic reading? 

We physically do test readings with the readers before they are allowed on our service. Here are things we look for: 

The reader is friendly and the reader takes a moment to pick up on your energy. This may be by welcoming you and asking your birthday, or it may be by getting the cards ready. Excellent readers will take a moment for your personal energy and the energy around you energy to come through. 

After the initial welcoming, the reader finds a way to connect. The reader should give some information early in the reading. It will show the client they are starting to connect. Different types of readers and different personalities will pick up differently. 

The reader’s predictions aren’t completely out of the ordinary. The information given by the reader will be pertinent to your life. When the readers give information, it should sound like you’re life. Of course, we have had readers give outlandish types of readings that turned out to be really accurate. Strange things happen here! 

The reader will not ask for any personal information. The reader doesn’t need ANY of your personal information. The reason to use a service like ours is you get protection from the negative side of the psychic industry. We always tell all of our clients to NEVER give any personal information to any reader. If they are reading, all they need is your energy. They should not be asking the client ANY personal information. 

The reader may ask for confirmation, but will not ask multiple questions. Asking the client for confirmation is a normal part of the process for many readers. 

The reader will genuinely want to help you. Good readers are very spiritual, caring, loving, and sensitive people. They really want to help you with your life issues. 

The reader will make the reading all about you and energy around you. They may give personal examples from their life, but the majority of the information will be about the client. Great readings are 100% about the client. 

The reading should provide peace of mind to the client. Many clients call to ease their minds, get relationship advice, talk about career or personal situations - the client should leave the reading with helpful information. When a reader is excellent, he or she will help you sort through the issues that are bothering you in order to provide accurate information. The information should help the client make decisions, get peace of mind, know what to look for and how to proceed.

Call us - We have excellent psychic readers who would love to help you. We are friendly, private and love to help. 1-800-966-2294