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Healthy Boundaries are important for Accurate Psychic Readings

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19 Mar

Let’s talk about psychic boundaries. Did you know that most psychics do not read for themselves, family or friends? This makes perfect sense. If you and a psychic are too emotionally, socially, or physically involved, the reading may be influenced by what the reader thinks you want to hear. The Psychic Line is set up to honor your psychic boundary. A boundary protects your interest, your personal information and is best for getting a good reading.

How do I know if I am getting a good reading?

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Who is the best reader? Who is the most accurate psychic?

18 Jan

We have readers who can focus on just about any life situation. We would love to help you find the right reader for you.

We find it VERY important to find a reader who not only picks up your energy and can give an accurate reading. We want to be your psychic matchmakers. We want to help you find a reader who can really connect with your energy and can give as much information as possible.

Finding the right type of reader is can have several different factors. For instance, some clients prefer Tarot cards—especially for timing. Some clients prefer a reader who is strictly clairvoyant without any psychic tools—some need a psychic medium to help give symbols from a crossed loved one. It is all very personal.

An excellent reading is accurate. The reader picks up on your energy and can work with your energy. The reader gives insight and comfort. All of these factors can make choosing an excellent reader somewhat difficult—but that is where we come in.

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