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Show love on Valentine's

Show love on Valentine's - We have the best relationship psychics

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. 
This is a day reserved for simply expressing loving feelings to your family, special friends or associates, or your romantic love interest.

The origins of this holiday that celebrates romantic love dates back to ancient times. Valentine’s Day is said to pre-date the legend of St. Valentine. St. Valentine is thought of as the patron saint of lovers. It is rumored that during the Roman Empire it was thought that single men made the best soldiers, hence – they were forbidden to marry. St. Valentine supposedly secretly married many young lovers. This defiance may have cause St. Valentine’s demise.

An even earlier legend involving Valentine’s Day involves the legend of Eros (who is also known as Cupid) and Psyche whose love affair definitely had its ups and downs. Psyche was the youngest of three sisters and was heralded as being more beautiful than the Goddess Aphrodite. The story goes that Aphrodite was jealous and commanded her son Eros (the God of Desire) to use his powers to make Psyche fall in love with a nasty creature. However, once Eros laid eyes on Psyche, he fell in love with her, and Psyche fell in love with him.
As with all good love stories, Psyche and Eros (Cupid) faced many hurdles on their road to eternal love and happiness. It is said that Zeus eventually interceded on their behalf and that the lovers were able to live happily ever after.

Cupid, whose very name means desire, remains a popular symbol of love today.  He is portrayed as sweet little angel who enjoys flitting around and letting his arrows take wing. His arrows supposedly pierce hearts and fill them with love.

St. Valentine’s sacrifice and Cupid’s legend of love combine today as foundations for our current Valentine’s celebration. This celebration of love has expanded to include all sorts of loving feelings as Valentine’s cards or heart-shaped candies are given to loved ones and friends. 
However, Valentine’s Day is a probably great day to SHOW THE LOVE. It seems to be the perfect time share your feelings of love and desire. The spirits of Cupid and St. Valentine may be kept alive and well as we celebrate this designated day of love.

Valentine’s Day might just be the perfect day to talk to a psychic about your true romantic love. Perhaps the spirit of St. Valentine and Cupid will come through and help your dreams come true. We have the best psychic readers who work with us. All of our psychic readers are relationship experts. Relationships are the top focus for our psychics. 

updated July 2019