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Gaining a different psychic opinion can help clarify a situation.

Have you ever noticed that it's hard for you to give insight to your friend even though you are usually great with everyone else? Also, it's really difficult for you (who is rather intuitive) to read a certain situation that you REALLY need answers for? 

Getting insight into your personal situation OR giving a close friend psychic advice are very difficult. Even our most experienced and accurate psychic readers have a really hard time doing psychic readings for people they are close to and/or their own self. This is because when we are too close to a situation we become emotional and it makes it very difficult to be able to be objective. We may not want to listen to our spirit guides when we are really close because they might not be giving the answers we are looking for. While emotional connections are extremely important to us, they can get in the way of getting an accurate psychic reading. 

We have many psychic readers who work for other lines - call us for readings. This is because they know we have an excellent reputation in the industry, provide accurate readings and we are honest in how we do business. AND - they can't read their own situation. It's not their fault. They are actually very smart about their limitations as a psychic and how much their own emotions will inhibit getting the answers they need. 

This also is true with clients who have been reading with the same psychic reader (with us or elsewhere) for a long time. The reader and client relationship can become too close and the emotions may get in the way of getting fresh new information. This does not mean the psychic is wrong about the information. It is that they are having a difficult time getting new and accurate information. If the client reads with a different reader they often get fresh information to bring back to their regular reader. This helps to push the information forward, gain new insight and get a fresh perspective on the situation. Not knowing a psychic reader personally helps in getting the best reading. 

If you have been reading with the same reader for a long time - try a different reader. You will be surprised how much the new reading will help. 

We always recommend taking notes - in every reading. Even the random things a psychic reader says that you don't feel has any meaning to the situation. -Often times, those little details turn into the coolest details down the road!