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Gaining a different psychic opinion can help clarify a situation.

17 Oct

Have you ever noticed that it's hard for you to give insight to your friend even though you are usually great with everyone else? Also, it's really difficult for you (who is rather intuitive) to read a certain situation that you REALLY need answers for?

Getting insight into your personal situation OR giving a close friend psychic advice are very difficult. Even our most experienced and accurate psychic readers have a really hard time doing psychic readings for people they are close to and/or their own self. This is because when we are too close to a situation we become emotional and it makes it very difficult to be able to be objective. We may not want to listen to our spirit guides when we are really close because they might not be giving the answers we are looking for. While emotional connections are extremely important to us, they can get in the way of getting an accurate psychic reading.

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