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Helpful information for a reading with a psychic medium

Different types of psychic readers and the different types of readers specialize in different areas of focus. Tarot card readers are generally better with timing of events. Clairvoyant readers are really good with descriptions and visual impressions of a situation. Psychic mediums are good with picking up psychic symbols and energy that has crossed over.

Mercury Retrograde, August 2017

Mercury Retrograde - August 13 - September 5, 2017 - During the Great American Solar Eclipse

This particular Mercury Retrograde is in Aries. This may lead to people being very frustrated and at the end of their rope. Aries is generally a forward-moving sign. During a Mercury Retrograde, the planet appears to go backwards on the charts and causes some strange events. It is probably a great idea to be very careful about what you say, when you say it, and how you deliver information.  

Get to know your spirit guides

You can have many spirit guides. Some may be assigned to your soul before you enter into the physical world. Some spirit guides choose to help you during times of need or difficult decisions. Some spirit guides will be with you a short time, some are around you for life. You may or may not know who your spirit guides are - some may be relatives who have passed, others can just be energies that have an affinity for you.

Solar Eclipse Drama

The Great American Solar Eclipse takes place on August 21, 2017.  This Solar Eclipse is only visible in the United States and is very exciting news to Astronomers and everyone that wants to watch.  The last time this type of eclipse occurred in the United States was in 1918.  A Solar Eclipse might just shake things up in your life and surprise you with some Solar Eclipse Drama!

What does this type of Solar Eclipse mean to me?

What is a clairvoyant psychic reading?

A clairvoyant is a type of psychic reader. Other types and skills you will hear about in the psychic industry.

Other types of readers include - psychic mediums, spirit guides, Tarot Cards, palm readers, animal communicators - There are so many different types of readers. On our line we specifically look for clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, psychic mediums and channelers. Our readers are allowed to use Tarot cards as a tool if they use them in the test reading.