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Renee's notes from her Tested Readers Facebook Live

Renee’s notes on how we test readers from Facebook Live and YouTube.

Initial application evaluation - We look for readers who are clairvoyant. They may use Tarot cards, they may be a psychic medium - or they may have other abilities. The psychic world is broad. We know what we are looking for our clients. We want the readers to have over 15 years of experience. We do not necessarily want the reader to have line experience. Our line works differently than all other lines. We DO NOT pay readers to keep our clients on the phone - many readers with line experience want to keep clients on the phone - we do not work that way. 

Initial interview is where we start to use our psychic skills to determine if we want to go further with the reader app. In this stage, we are looking for a person who shows they are caring, attentive and good listeners. We also want to go over with how we work so the reader can figure out if she/he is interested. At the end of this initial interview, we will try to set up a test reading. 

During the test reading - we ask the reader to do a general psychic reading using the tools they are most comfortable using. Every tester is different. I prefer for the reader to do a cold reading - a reading without any information given to them. Towards the end of a cold reading, I like to ask a couple questions. My questions usually pop into my head during the reading. There is usually some area the tested reader finds that peeks my attention and I need more clarification. 

I try to always do my test readings focusing on what the reader says their strengths are - for instance, relationships or business or mediumship - The readers are often a little nervous during the test readings - I try to give them as much of my energy as possible. Being clear is a good way to see what the reader’s talents are by not being too intimidating. 

(That is actually a tip for EVERYONE getting readings - be open and personable - you will get a better reading.) 

After the initial test reading, we determine if we should do another test reading or not. If the reader is excellent, we usually go to the contract phase. If the reader was nice, but nervous (and that seemed to affect the energy), we will set up a second or third test reading in order to give them the best chance. Many times, after the initial test reading, we don’t hire because of reasons beyond what the reader was doing or not doing in the test reading. 

We do not use scripts for our readers. We do not train our readers. This keeps the reader authentic with their gift.