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Choose a psychic reader very carefully - Be aware of psychic fraud

If you are approached by a "reader" who says they can - 
- Change free will.
- Heal your body or soul. 
- Change the events in your life or someone else's life. 
- Make a lover come back. 
- Make a lover fall in love.
 -Make a lover lust for you. 
- Erase old memories. 
- Make love potions.
- Reuniting lost lovers.
- Soulmate spells.

Renee's notes from her Facebook Live - How Do I know if I am clairvoyant? What are the signs that I am a clairvoyant reader?

How do I know if I am clairvoyant? Last week we looked at how to tell of you are a psychic medium - This week we wanted to talk about clairvoyance psychic ability. We specialize in clairvoyant psychic readings. By phone is an ideal way to get a clairvoyant psychic reading because clairvoyant psychic readers are visual and descriptive. Clairvoyant psychic readers envision past, present and future situations.

14 Signs You are a Psychic Medium

There are many ways to be psychic. Psychic is a general term for people who use their sixth sense. Psychic mediums pick up on symbols and energy from other sources. The energy source can be from a living entity, or from an energy who has crossed. It usually take some sort of spiritual awakening to fully develop one's psychic ability. Some of these signs can come before or after the spiritual awakening leading one to realize they are psychic. 

Ways to tell if a psychic is accurate - Notes from Renee's Facebook Live

Getting psychic readings and how to tell if the reader is accurate and not taking advantage of you
We do test all readers before they are allowed to read on our service. We are serious about our readings and we look for accuracy, a wide variety of personalities and tactfulness. We also look for kind readers who are easy to talk to and not intimidating. We know our clients call during stressful times and during vulnerable times. We want our clients to get lots of helpful information but also feel comfortable and get peace of mind with readings. 

Clearing negative energy with Salt

Salt is a natural collector of negative ions making it an excellent way to collect negative energy. You can use it on yourself or in and around your home. There are many ways to use salt as an energy clearer. We recommend natural sea salt or Himalayan pink salt for all of these recipes.

You can bathe in it. Add 4 tbsp in a regular sized bathtub with warm water then soak for 20 minutes.