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Solar Eclipse Drama

The Great American Solar Eclipse takes place on August 21, 2017.  This Solar Eclipse is only visible in the United States and is very exciting news to Astronomers and everyone that wants to watch.  The last time this type of eclipse occurred in the United States was in 1918.  A Solar Eclipse might just shake things up in your life and surprise you with some Solar Eclipse Drama!

What does this type of Solar Eclipse mean to me?

     1.  This eclipse may bring forward drama that is unexpetected.  An event may happen far away from you and have a huge, ever-expanding influence.  A call to a telephone psychic may help you figure out what the event was and how it will affect you as you move forward.

     2.  Some startling truth may just slap you in the face.  The eclipse could reveal a startling truth about someone or something in your life that you would never have suspected in a zillion years.  If something that seems to come out of left field is revealed to you, it might be wise to take a moment to think about it.  This information might just be the puzzle piece you need to figure something out.  Important insight to issues you may have been facing might come to the surface.  Could be time for an epiphany!

     3.  Sometimes an important person may just disappear from your life.  A Solar Eclipse usually involves a male figure.  This person may be a father, father figure, husband, significant other, lover, grandfather, boss, business contact, or an important male friend.  This disappearance will usually come as a complete surprise.  A call to a clairvoyant telephone psychic may provide you with an explanation as to what is going on.

     4.  Pay attention to new information - even if it appears to be harmless gossip.  The Eclipse itself may be dramatic and distracting.  It is important to pay attention to other things at that time. The whisper of information that becomes evident may be important.  This information might just appear to be a tease.  However, if you are hearing things around the time of an eclipse - it might be wise to follow up.  It is usually better to understand and solve issues before they spin out of control.

     5.  A Solar Eclipse may mark the beginning of a major turning point in your life.  If nothing major happens to you, keep an eye on your family and friends.  A eclipse may bring something as joyous as a new puppy or as troublesome as a job loss or a break up.  An eclipse is usually a sign from the universe that change is in the air.  Again, a solar eclipse usually involves a man.

     6.  Finally, a Solar Eclipse is usually a signal that something is ending and that something new is about to happen.  This seems to be the universe forcing us to move forward.  If some event takes place or you receive some information you do not like, you should probably take the opportunity to examine some new behavioral actions in order to achieve your goals.  An eclipse is not generally conducive to a repetition of past mistakes.  Take a moment to reflect.

It is often difficult to understand events that happen outside of your control or realm of reality.  Often unknowns trigger unexpected consequences in our lives.  These consequences might be huge or tiny.  A Solar Eclipse may be the time that information is revealed to you (usually involving a male figure) that will allow you to look at things in a whole new way.  This insight should help you move forward and achieve harmony.

A tested phone psychic may be able to provide you with just the help you need to move ahead with the helpful information the universe provides during an eclipse.  A clairvoyant, love psychic, relationship psychic, tarot card reading, medium, or an empathic reading might just help you figure out what the universe so generously provides during The Great American Solar Eclipse.

"We just knew you where doing to call."

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