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Spiritual Medium - The Other Side Connection

Mediumship is an often misunderstood psychic ability.  Movies and television often supply people with an unrealistic idea of what a connection with the other side might look like.  Look is the key word.  Movies, television, videos, etc. are mostly visual entertainment.  Therefore, they lean toward providing visual cues in order for people to see what they are trying to present.

The Other Side Connection may happen in different ways.  Each psychic is unique.  There is generally not just one way to connect.  Some psychic readers might experience pure energy, some may hear a whisper, some may have a vision, and other mediums may experience a combination of these things.

One medium shared an interesting story regarding energy named Clara.  Whenever this medium went to her pantry, the name Clara came to her along with a vision of clothing that was hot pink with big black polka dots.  This was also accompanied by a gentle, happy energy that wanted to share the news about the impending arrival of a baby girl with lots of dark, curly hair.

The medium was puzzled.  She had no idea to whom this information belonged.  She chatted with a couple of her friends that were likely suspects.  She found the right person.  When she described Clara, her friend was amused because that was the name of a great aunt that had passed away years ago.  Great Aunt Clara had been quite the cook that favored polka dots and wa the family jokester.  They found that the idea that Clara was "haunting" the pantry hilarious.

Since there was important message, the medium shared the information about the upcoming birth. The friend was puzzled and scoffed at the very idea.  The married daughter had just received a promotion and was absolutely not interested in starting a family.  The medium shared that Clara was insistent.  They both chuckled about it and moved on to other topics.  After all timing is not a strong point in the spirit world.  The friend relayed later that this information was relayed to the daughter in question.  Everyone found the very idea of a baby at that time funny. 

About two months later, the medium's friend called and said that the daughter was expecting.  Surprise!  Also, the baby turned out to be a little girl with dark curls.  Fascinating!  This particular medium received a message from the other side regarding this wonderful family event.  There was no séance or dramatic summoning of a spirt.  She did not use any tools.  She just received a message and shared the energy.  The information in this case was fun and useful.

If you decide to speak to a psychic medium, remember that a clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient medium may receive information in different ways.  Your loved one may or may not want to come forward when you call.  Sometimes, many spirits come forward.  Other times, not so much.  Calling on a spirit is not like calling your dog.  Spirit may be unpredictable.  A psychic medium might be a useful tool in order for you to receive and share information with someone on the other side.  It is probably a good idea to keep an open mind about the who, how, when and why.

When reading with a spiritual psychic medium, keep in mind that a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or channeling medium will probably handle messages differently.  The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions has tested phone psychics that may be able to provide you with a medium reading in addition to working with other areas including love, relationships, work, things to watch out for, etc.  Give us a call if you have questions.  Our clients call back.  If you have issues, we have insight.

"We just knew you were going to call."


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