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How to calm yourself quickly

How to calm yourself quickly

How to calm down when things are crazy

We have many highly sensitive people who work with us and who call us. Being highly sensitive is an asset to your life. You are more likely to have intuition and be able to use it. BUT, you also have to protect yourself and learn specific self care that includes being able to calm yourself. 

There are many ways to calm yourself when things are rough. Being able to calm yourself is very important. Some people are naturally better than others at calming their self down when things are stressful. But, even if you are not good at calming yourself - you can learn. 

I personally learned many techniques in college. College can be a very stressful time because the students at a new school, in a new town, on a crazy schedule and with different foods. You also have so many people around and need to stay focused on school. College definitely taught me to self calm, but I even have to practice self calming now. 

Mercury retrograde has been stressful and it made me think of how I cope with stress. I wanted to share many of my skills with all of you. 

The first thing I do is remove myself from the situation. If I am not calm, I don’t want to make any haste moves or say something negative to someone. So I must remove myself from the situation and take a time out - away from anything that is stressing me out. That is not always possible in my adult life. There are many things that I would like to stay away from because of stress, but there isn’t really a way for me to remove those stresses immediately. 

The most common way I self calm when I can’t remove myself from the situation is to find a space alone, closing my eyes and breathing. Just breathing long inhales in and long exhales out while focusing on just breath is helpful for me. If I have them on me, I will use some essential oils. My favs are lavendar or lemon - but you can use whatever scents you feel calm with. 

I also focus on my chakras from the top of my head and all the way down to the bottoms of my feet. I make myself aware of relaxing and focusing on those. Relaxing my muscles from top to bottom is almost like a mini spa treatment. 

Doodling is helpful for me - there are no rules to the doodling. You can scribble or you can draw something specific. Many people like to color in coloring books - that is great, too. 

Reciting a mantra - I love mantras. I think when you focus on the positive and a personal mantra, it’s a good way to focus on your goals. A mantra can be something simple as, “I’m at the beach” (Using visualization) to “the more I practice happiness, the more it comes” 

Stretching - I specifically recommend stretching your shoulder and arm muscles. You can google how to stretch those muscle groups. The longer you stretch, the better you will feel. Do within your personal limits and a little at a time. 

We wish you well. If you feel you need to talk - we are here. We would love to help you!