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Public energy clearing for empaths and empathic people

26 Jan

If you're in public and feel negativity, you will probably want to practice some energy clearing you can do while in the presence of others. You don't want to do anything over the top, but you do want to do something that will help you feel better. 

Examples of negative energy in public - 
Seeing an ex
Dealing with loads of people
Seeing someone you don't want to see
Getting negative or bad news
Feeling like you're stuck in a situation you can't get out of 
Having low energy or if you're just in a bad mood

There are many more situations than the examples above. We wanted to include some situations so you can visualize. 

Energy clearing you can do for yourself in a public setting - 

Deep breathing - or even one long slow inhale and one long slow exhale.

Say your mantra to yourself - On your off time, find your mantra. Your mantra can be an affirmation or anything that you find positive to help you focus. 

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How to calm yourself quickly

19 Aug

How to calm down when things are crazy

We have many highly sensitive people who work with us and who call us. Being highly sensitive is an asset to your life. You are more likely to have intuition and be able to use it. BUT, you also have to protect yourself and learn specific self care that includes being able to calm yourself.

There are many ways to calm yourself when things are rough. Being able to calm yourself is very important. Some people are naturally better than others at calming their self down when things are stressful. But, even if you are not good at calming yourself - you can learn.

I personally learned many techniques in college. College can be a very stressful time because the students at a new school, in a new town, on a crazy schedule and with different foods. You also have so many people around and need to stay focused on school. College definitely taught me to self calm, but I even have to practice self calming now.

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