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Your intuition is correct - You just need to learn to listen

Your intuition is probably correct. But, you have to learn how to listen to it correctly. The more you know about your intuition and how to translate your gut instinct, the more accurate your intuition will be. As we get older, we learn how to translate our intuition with more accuracy. You can learn to listen. The more intention you have and the more you pay attention to your intuition, the easier it will be to realize how to use it.

How to test your psychic skills with psychic exercises

If you want to enhance and explore your psychic abilities, there are several fun and simple exercises you can do. If you practice, you should be able to develop, understand and refine your abilities.

It is generally a good idea to record your progress in some sort of a journal. This should provide you with a baseline of where you were in order to see where you are heading.

How do I know if I am getting a good reading?

How do I know if I am getting a good reading?

We love what we do. We test, market and book psychic readers by phone. When we test readers, we know what we are looking for so our clients can trust they are getting the best psychic advice. We specifically look for readers who are accurate, caring and friendly. On an average day, 95% of our calls are from return callers. One of the top ways our clients hear about us is through referrals. 

We are serious about our readings. We know our clients have real life issues and they need answers. What makes a good psychic reading? 

Questions to ask a psychic -

We have very diverse clientele and a diverse selection of readers. We believe we can find a reader who can help you with your personal questions. We look for caring, accurate and friendly psychic readers. We test all of the readers before they can join us. When we test, we look for accuracy, reliability, the ability to give lots of valid information and the ability to speak to our diverse clientele. It's very important to us that our readers have the best interest of the clients in mind. All of the readers we have on our line are clairvoyant first.

5 ways to get an excellent psychic reading

Welcome to Solutions - You should get to know us. 

Our service also tests readers all the time in order to find the best psychic readers. 

We are a small, privately owned psychic phone service. Our main office is in Orlando, Florida. Our readers are throughout the United States. We test and recruit psychic readers who are clairvoyant, some use tarot cards, some are psychic mediums - it just depends on what type of reading you’re looking for. Our readers love to help with relationships, business, timing of events and life issues. 

Ways to tell if a psychic is accurate - Notes from Renee's Facebook Live

Getting psychic readings and how to tell if the reader is accurate and not taking advantage of you
We do test all readers before they are allowed to read on our service. We are serious about our readings and we look for accuracy, a wide variety of personalities and tactfulness. We also look for kind readers who are easy to talk to and not intimidating. We know our clients call during stressful times and during vulnerable times. We want our clients to get lots of helpful information but also feel comfortable and get peace of mind with readings.