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Questions to ask a psychic -

Questions to ask a psychic -

We have very diverse clientele and a diverse selection of readers. We believe we can find a reader who can help you with your personal questions. We look for caring, accurate and friendly psychic readers. We test all of the readers before they can join us. When we test, we look for accuracy, reliability, the ability to give lots of valid information and the ability to speak to our diverse clientele. It's very important to us that our readers have the best interest of the clients in mind. All of the readers we have on our line are clairvoyant first. Clairvoyant psychic readers pick up visually - like a bunch of pictures or a movie or just a snip it of the client's life. Clairvoyant readers are descriptive on visuals. This is different type of reading compared to a psychic medium. A psychic medium is a reader who is getting energy in the moment. The psychic medium may pick up on energies or spirits or people who have crossed. Tarot card readers are readers who use Tarot cards to guide their readings. In order to be on our line, the psychics must be clairvoyant first and then they may use some psychic mediumship and/or Tarot cards to do an accurate reading.

We do not require ANY client to ask questions during their reading. We encourage clients to write down areas they would like to focus on and/or questions they would like to ask before the reading. When clients write down their wants before the reading, it focuses the client's energy in the area of focus. The client's energy is very important in the reading. The best psychic readings happen when the client and reader have open energy that can work together. The connection with the reader and client is what makes an accurate and informative reading. 

Some popular questions and issues for a clairvoyant psychic reader are:
What do you see for me in the next few weeks?
Do you see any big events coming up?
Is he thinking about me?
When will I meet my love?
How will I meet my love? 
Do you see any trips for me in the new year?
What do you see for me in the new year?

Some popular questions for a psychic medium are: (remember psychic mediums use present energy to read, they generally do not do past or future readings - although most psychic mediums CAN do past and future - it's just not their major focus.)
Do you see any energies around me?
Do I have a spirit guide?
What do the energies look like?
Can I speak to my crossed loved one?
Is my loved one okay? 
Can my loved one hear me?
My friend died, can I talk to him or her?

Some popular questions for a reader who uses some Tarot cards: (All of our Tarot card readers must be clairvoyant and/or a psychic medium in order to work with us.)
What do you see in the future? 
When will he (or she) call?
When will I see him (or her) again?
What do you see coming up?
I just filled out an application, will they call me?
What direction is my life going?