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Questions to ask a psychic -

We have very diverse clientele and a diverse selection of readers. We believe we can find a reader who can help you with your personal questions. We look for caring, accurate and friendly psychic readers. We test all of the readers before they can join us. When we test, we look for accuracy, reliability, the ability to give lots of valid information and the ability to speak to our diverse clientele. It's very important to us that our readers have the best interest of the clients in mind. All of the readers we have on our line are clairvoyant first.

Can a psychic help me? What type of psychic should I choose?

How can a psychic help me? What types of questions are good for a psychic?

We look for many different types of readers to help our clients.

Clairvoyant readers help picking up visually on bits and pieces visually and describing.

Tarot card readers are accurate. We have excellent Tarot card readers who can help in all areas. Tarot cards can be a little more concrete with timing of events.

Psychic mediums pick up on energy in the here and now. They help with how other people are feeling NOW. Some can channel energy in symbol form of energies crossed over.

5 different types of questions for a psychic

There are many different ways a psychic reader can help a client with life issues.  Psychics can offer a calm energy and insight into your toughest life issues.  Here are some common questions our readers have answered.  

1. Relationship Help - Does he love me?  Is he thinking of me?  What is the next stage of our relationship going to be like?  When will he call?

2.  Business Help - When is the estimated time a deal with close?  Will the deal run smoothly?  Should I close the deal during Mercury retrograde?  Will I be coming into money in the near future?

Clairvoyant Readers

A clairvoyant psychic reader is a reader who picks up visually of bits and pieces of the client's life and describes the images to the client.  When a clairvoyant does a psychic reading they often pick up on a client's energy by listening to the client's voice.  The images a clairvoyant reader picks up could be from the client's past, present or future time frame.  It is very important for a client getting a reading by a clairvoyant to talk natural and not steer the reading.  Sometimes a client is looking for a particular answer and will keep asking a specific question.

7 Tips for getting more value out of your psychic reading.

When you purchase a psychic reading, you definitely want to make the most of your time with the reader.  Here are five tips on getting the most out of your psychic reading.  

1.  Know what you want to focus the psychic on.  Do you want a general reading or do your want a specific question answered by the psychic.  You want to know what you are expecting from the reading and let the reader get right into the issues to help with the problem in your life.  Or, just get a basic reading letting the reader pick up on your energy without a specific topic or question.