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Can a psychic help me? What type of psychic should I choose?

Can a psychic help me? What type of psychic should I choose?

How can a psychic help me? What types of questions are good for a psychic?

We look for many different types of readers to help our clients.

Clairvoyant readers help picking up visually on bits and pieces visually and describing.

Tarot card readers are accurate. We have excellent Tarot card readers who can help in all areas. Tarot cards can be a little more concrete with timing of events.

Psychic mediums pick up on energy in the here and now. They help with how other people are feeling NOW. Some can channel energy in symbol form of energies crossed over.

Every client calls for different reasons. We regularly help with relationships, business, love, forecasting, validation, inspiration, seeing things that the client might not see.

It’s exciting to experience the feeling of connection with a psychic reader. Sometimes clients will get a chill with a good reading. Sometimes it’s an uplifted feeling. Sometimes the readings help with moving on out of a relationship or to a new job or career. Sometimes the client has a moment of clarity on a situation - which can give peace of mind. Sometimes the readings provide a way to help grieve.

Every reading is individual and personal. When getting a reading, if you choose to ask questions - we encourage open ended questions. You probably want more description than just a yes or no answer.

For instance - How can I attract the love of my life? This leaves much room for the psychic to pick up from.

We encourage clients to not guide the psychic. Sometimes the person being read wants a specific answer - and will get very upset if they don’t hear what they want. We actually encourage our readers to be honest and open and fair. If they aren’t seeing something playing out the exact way the client wants - we want the reader to be kind and tactful - but we don’t want the reader to ever say something that they are not feeling at the moment of the reading.

Sometimes clients will also look for a very specific sign in the reading. This is also a way of guiding the psychic. Testing the psychic for a certain “sign” is actually a waste of your time with the reader. You want as much information as possible. Looking for a minute detail versus a big picture isn’t productive.

We look for fair, honest, accurate psychic readers who want to help. They have caring hearts and love people. It is really an amazing experience to have an accurate psychic reading.

We offer a 5 minute guarantee. 

We have been booking and testing psychic readers for over 20 years. We are very particular with what we look for in our readers.

We care about our clients. We are extremely small compared to our competitors. We don’t have nearly the technology. We do have an amazing customer experience - we know it’s not offered anywhere else.

That is why the majority of our calls on any given day are from clients who have been calling us for years.

Our clients call us back because of our readers hearts and advice - and our line’s soul. We try to treat everyone with respect and an open heart.

Call us! If you see this on Youtube and you like this video, please click on the thumbs up. If you’re on Facebook Live and have any questions for us about our service or anything psychic related (NOT the question that you want to ask the reader) Please feel free to type it below. We will try to answer as soon as possible. 1-800-966-2294 entertainment 18+