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Your intuition is correct - You just need to learn to listen

Your intuition is correct - You just need to learn to listen

Your intuition is probably correct. But, you have to learn how to listen to it correctly. The more you know about your intuition and how to translate your gut instinct, the more accurate your intuition will be. As we get older, we learn how to translate our intuition with more accuracy. You can learn to listen. The more intention you have and the more you pay attention to your intuition, the easier it will be to realize how to use it. Intention, learning to listen, journaling and having faith in yourself will make your intuition more accurate.

4 Ways to Use Your Intuition

I think many times when we are less experienced in life, we listen to others and their advice. However, over time, we learn to listen to do what is best for ourselves. Not saying one can’t be super intuitive when they are young, there are some old souls who learn to use their intuition faster than others. Intuition comes easier with life experience.

Your intuition puts your best interests first. It can help you get out of trouble. It can trigger fear if you are in danger. You can also pay attention to it when meeting new people or while in a job interview. Intuition is a gift and we encourage learning to listen as much as possible.

What is Intuition, And How Do We Use It?

Intuition can come to a person as a sudden feeling of danger - possibly with goosebumps or the hair standing on the back of your neck. It can also trigger a person to notice whether or not you feel safe with certain people. We recommend journaling as much as possible when meeting new people and when you have felt physical form of intuition. You will start to notice patterns in accuracy.

Intuition can come through in many different forms - physical feelings, a quick thought, a gut feeling and dreams.

Intuition can be mistaken if you have fears or preconceived notions of a situation. It can also be misinterpreted if you REALLY want something to happen or if you overthink. In order to use your intuition, you must be able to put your personal wants aside in order to be objective. This is very difficult AND is the reason most psychic readers do not read for themselves or people they are really close to.

You can learn how to listen, it may take many years of practice to understand how to correctly use your intuition. 

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Updated August 2019