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Ways to tell if a psychic is accurate

Ways to tell if a psychic is accurate - Notes from Renee's Facebook Live

Getting psychic readings and how to tell if the reader is accurate and not taking advantage of you
We do test all readers before they are allowed to read on our service. We are serious about our readings and we look for accuracy, a wide variety of personalities and tactfulness. We also look for kind readers who are easy to talk to and not intimidating. We know our clients call during stressful times and during vulnerable times. We want our clients to get lots of helpful information but also feel comfortable and get peace of mind with readings. 
There are many psychic companies with the goal of just making money. We are a business, too. But we also think it’s better to build relationships with our clients instead of having them spend a ton of money and not get much out of it. We aren’t looking for readers who will keep the client on the phone for as long as possible. We look for readers who will give as much information as possible in a reasonable amount of time. 
For some people, one reading per year is all they need. They might ask questions about forecasting and what will happen in the upcoming year. These readings are usually a longer session - 30-60 minutes, but only happen once per year. It could be around the client's birthday or around the new year. 
For other people, and usually this is people who are in more of a crisis period, they prefer on getting a psychic’s insight once per week or even more. It is important to us to always let the client choose. We don’t call client’s to sell readings. We don’t have our readers do upsells during the readings. We don’t reward readers for taking advantage of the client’s time or money. That is why we offer no haggle, up front pricing. The client is always in charge of calling us. The client is also in charge of exactly what they are spending. 
We believe this is a responsible way to do business with our clients. Our client’s like this, because it takes the pressure off of them. They are not harassed and they don’t feel pressured to buy extra to get certain answers from a psychic. 
We encourage our clients to use their own intuition and insight during their readings. We always offer a 5 minute guarantee with every reading. This means the client is in charge in telling if a reader is accurate for them. We want our clients to get an excellent reading. They are the best judge on whether or not an excellent reading is happening. 
Here are a few signs of an excellent reading - 
The information the reader is giving makes sense for your life. It seems to go along with the current events. There are familiar items, people or events being described. 
The reader isn’t overly positive. There will be both good and not-so-good events being described in the reading. The reader can be reassuring, but if all of the information is positive with little negative, we take it that the reader is giving you information that you want versus accurate information that you need. The reader should give good, relevant and practical information.
Time will also help tell if a reading is accurate. We always encourage clients to take notes in the readings. It’s important to be able to look back on the notes to see  what the predictions were and if they came true. Sometimes the tiniest detail is so important so it’s interesting to look back at notes later in the future. 
You might completely disagree with the reader on some information initially. Then find out that the information is correct. We have had many clients call back to complain about a reading only to call us back at a later date to say the reader was 100% correct. Notes help in this situation.