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Ways to tell if a psychic is accurate - Notes from Renee's Facebook Live

15 Jun

Getting psychic readings and how to tell if the reader is accurate and not taking advantage of you

We do test all readers before they are allowed to read on our service. We are serious about our readings and we look for accuracy, a wide variety of personalities and tactfulness. We also look for kind readers who are easy to talk to and not intimidating. We know our clients call during stressful times and during vulnerable times. We want our clients to get lots of helpful information but also feel comfortable and get peace of mind with readings.

There are many psychic companies with the goal of just making money. We are a business, too. But we also think it’s better to build relationships with our clients instead of having them spend a ton of money and not get much out of it. We aren’t looking for readers who will keep the client on the phone for as long as possible. We look for readers who will give as much information as possible in a reasonable amount of time.

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