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Tarot Card Reading or Clairvoyant Reading? Which should you choose?

Many clients ask if they should choose a Tarot Card psychic reader or a psychic who is strictly clairvoyant.  There are reasons for both and certainly client preferences are important.  Both Tarot card readers and clairvoyant psychic readers are accurate.  It depends on a couple of factors which is right for the client.  Also, we encourage our clients not to rule out a psychic by whether or not he or she uses Tarot.  The accuracy of the phone reading depends on the energy between the client and phone psychic.  

We use general guidelines to help match a client and reader.  Some factors immediately considered is whether the client has had psychic readings in the past and whether or not the client has had success with a specific type of reader.  Generally speaking, tarot card readers are excellent with relationships, business, life questions, the future and timing of events.  AND, generally speaking, clairvoyant psychic readers are excellent with describing situations, describing events, relationships, feelings of another person, foreseeing the future, career help and finding lost objects.  

This being written, we have clairvoyants who can pick up on timing and tarot card readers who love to help with descriptions and feelings.  Helping find the right psychic is very important in finding the personal connection needed for a psychic reading.